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I don't buy cell phones often, but this time, I was in a bit of luck that I wanted to buy two this week so that I could replace my water-damaged piece, and to just treat Kelli to an upgrade. Last week, I only bought one from the T Mobile store near my house. The price, after all the gimmicky price drops and rebates, was to be $99, which for this phone was a fine deal. So I took it home and got cozy with it, and showed Kelli around a bit and said I'd get her one. So, on Thursday, less than a week after my first purchase, I set foot in a different T Mobile store that is near where I work and ask to buy the same thing once again. The guy at the counter tells me it would be on sale for $50 less if I waited until the next day! Holy fuck, Batman. So I reason that I would come in and buy Kelli a phone and see what sort of hell I would have to endure to justify getting that discount on mine. Fortunately, by the end of the day on Friday, I was able to get both at the same discounted price. In my case, it was far easier than I thought; they just voided my sale and resold it to me at the new price. Sort of a goofy way of doing things but I can dig the deal. I was thinking they might offer a greater rebate since the thing was already sold. So, what I found was that T Mobile will drop prices on various items in the second half of the month, and even the stores will barely get any notice. So, word to the wise buyer. Shop early, buy later in the month.

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