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the first samples of strawberries on our new garden, just a month and a half after plantingIt has been just two weeks since we planted our new garden. This past week, we were excited to see a strawberry progress from a little green bud to an almost-edible fruit in just a week or so. The tomato plant is also showing some good growth. The peppers are coming shortly behind and look good to go. The beans, being in what could be a bit too much shade, or maybe getting too much water, are a tad yellow, but they are growing nonetheless. Lettuce, broccoli, basil, and cantaloupe are a bit slow, and I don't know what exactly to expect of them. The soil does seem to be a winner though; some onions and shallots are shooting up nicely. The onions were experiments from some uneaten ones that had gone to sprout, and I put them in a perforated 5 gallon bucket with a couple shovels full of soil. They have done the best, and I debate on whether to transplant the whole bucket's contents to the main plot.

Today I spent time extracting some of the rejuvenated shoots of bermuda grass which found happiness and bliss in the newly enriched and watered soil. I also put up some wire cages and frames for my vine plants—the beans and tomatoes. I after perilously moving the hose across the plot for the last two weeks, I finally ran it up the house wall and over the walkway and along the fence and tied it to a few points so that it would remain in place. For my trouble, I broke a bean plant or two. I hope the other ten plants hold their own and make up for the loss. I also found at a local church a ground out tree stump that provided some free mulch which might be useful to retain moisture, but I want to wait for the plants to get bigger before I dwarf them in more ground cover.

Water, soil, and some light. The rest is up to God.

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