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Welcome to the second installment of this gripping drama about periodontal surgery. For the previous installment, skip back a few entries, or search by tag: "Dental Demons and Exorcism."

Today started off at noon when I awoke to the sounds of Mike Oldfield's Ommadawn album. Hearing a few opening notes is enough, and today I had to cut his 30 minute tune down to about 12 bars because I had just a bit over two hours to prep today to get to my next dental exorcism. So it was off to the kitchen to prepare a hearty feast, but I found I had no bacon ready to go. It was all frozen. Good thing I had some taters that I cleaned up from dinner last night but hadn't used. Breakfast was tasty but I think I copied my dog in the way it was almost inhaled instead of chewed and digested properly.

I had to get more medication, and since I am quite unexperienced with going to doctors and dentists, I don't really understand certain things like how to plan to refill prescriptions in a timely and not-rushed manner. So today, I was calling pharmacy and dentist to organize that, then ran out to get the meds, and more daringly, to run to Costco of all places on the way to the dentist's. It was all a sensible trip; it just was crammed into too tight a time, so I got to Costco and was running around like mad trying to dodge people and carts, and to find my product, which as if it knew I was in a rush, was hidden so that a few laps around the aisles were turning up nothing. I got out of there after the world's slowest checker helped get me by. Good thing Costco and the dentist are about a mile apart. So I came blazing into the dentist's office with 10 minutes to spare, a little excited and rattled from the ordeal on the way. At least I wasn't as worked up as last week when I had the car ride to ruminate and get nervous. This time, Kelli was at school and I was on my own.

At the periodontist's office they got me in and took my blood pressure reading and it was high again, no doubt due to the last minute obstacle course to Rite Aid and Costco. I actually was far more mentally prepared for today, having last week to prepare me, and having no complications since. But the BP was too high so they let me mellow for a while, and took it a few more times, then we were off. It was less chatty this time, and no humor, but it was silent and I had a chance to breathe and to think of piggies or whatever stills my mind. Then it was all business. I had a vague and unfamiliar feeling that I wanted to talk about mothers-in-law and their almost obsessive desire to have grandchildren. But I put that to rest quickly.

The work was much the same as last week, and with a few exceptions was about as smooth as then. Maybe there is less tissue in which to inject anesthetic in the lower teeth, because I seemed to feel things more this time, but it still was not agonizing or anything. I have a tongue that is a jealous protector, and every dentist has to fight it to get to the bottom in particular. This procedure required an assistant anyway, so there was one more tool or finger in there at all times, in addition to the doctor's pieces. It makes it less organized an effort though when it's time to relax or swallow, or with some cutting edges in there, not a good idea to have a gag reflex!

About an hour was all it took, same as last week. This time I went out with no gauze, and sort of wish I had, but I have the stuff on hand. I inquired about a relaxant for next week since they will do half my mouth at once, and this on the heels of the first half being done. Despite the "practice" I will have by then, they thought maybe I should relax so my BP is more acceptable and my tongue does not make such a stand against the invading army, and so he prescribed a Valium.

I got home to find Jim Kunstler's new, as-yet-unpublished book World Made By Hand on my porch. I got a proof copy for review because I did some work on his website and he asked me to make a site to promote the book itself. So this was my homework while I am convalescing, and during the slow, no work period to come. After getting my freeze pack together and rinsing a lot for a half hour (and listening to the audio of the Campbell/Moyers Power of Myth show), I started in on the book. Then, over the following five hours or so, I read about 130 pages of it like it was nothing! I had to rinse a lot today. There was a lot of bleeding. I packed it a couple times but didn't like the feeling of the gauze. So I kept rinsing and icing. I have always been quite sensitive to the bottom front teeth. They always feel to me like they are out in the open somehow, and most sensitive. So they have also been the worst affected because I was almost scared of them so I didn't apply as much care when I should have. So today, I was quite aware of them hurting rather more, but that might be because of the undue mental attention I give them when I worry about them.

Eventually, close to midnight, I got sufficiently hungry that I ate some soup and rice cakes and was happy. Then I busied myself with some dish washing and chronicling this whole thing so you, my dear reader, could enjoy it.

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