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Today I was in my credit union which is only about a mile from my house. I drove there because the trip itself was my drive for the day and the credit union was the third stop on that trip. So it is from upon my high horse that I write this...

The teller I was greeted by was a small Filipino looking girl of maybe 22 at the most. She looked at my address and noticed that I lived not far from there, and then said, "oh, I live just over on So-and-so street about two blocks over. To which I say with a little chuckle as I egg her on, "oh, close enough you could walk!" And just as smoothly and almost in the same breath as mine, she chuckles and declares, "but of course I wouldn't do that!" I smile with that sort of smirk that you have to make when you realize that in this short exchange, we both were on totally opposite sides of the issue, and that this is a dead engagement. It just became I-it, in a big way.

In the course of this failed chit chat, I noticed a picture of a young Filipino looking Marine friend or husband or brother of hers. It was there among the other few things she was allowed to keep up to make her seem like more of a human being than a machine (part of her 15 pieces of flair, I guess). I wonder, was this Marine guy in Iraq? Is he embarking on some imperialist adventure in resource rich parts of the world? If so, would he and this girl ever stop to contemplate that they are sort of at cross odds with one another? Would there be anything that would lead them to that discussion? I've walked that distance from the Clairemont Square back home a few times, or biked it more often. It's the perfect distance for either mode. I wonder, if she knew that the wild addiction to driving even the shortest distances was causing us to have to expand empire into regions that don't like us much, would she persist in driving even such an easy distance? Does this kinsman of hers understand the connection between his profession and her leisure?

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