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Despite being a working fool for the last few weeks, I've been able to carve out a few minutes or hours here and there to start to put my studio together at the garage in the new house. It's mind boggling how many times I've moved all of the stuff in this room in the month or so since I've been here. It's been a game of musical chairs without music or chairs. Mostly musical desks. Or musical mic stand bases. Anyhow, everything in this room gets bounced from one side of the room to the other as I've tried to get things to the essentials and into place.

my drums set up in Calabrese West studio, the garage at the calabrese compound, western annexI am now getting the drums put together, which is a pretty clear sign of progress. I don't really consider stacking guitar heads on cabinets as getting things together, but the drums are a major thing to get done, and a good thing to indicate that it's coming together. I don't even worry about acoustics; the acoustics are always shitty in places like this. For me, it's more like this: are the drums in the right place for me to play if I just spin around in my desk chair and get on the drum throne? The lesson I learned from the days of the REALLY BLOATED studio of about 2002-2003 was that I really stopped recording my own drum parts if I couldn't operate the recorder from the drum chair. So it's been a point to make it so I could do that while still being situated well enough to let a trio configuration play and see each other.

I took Adam's Mesa 4x12 cabinet out of storage and put my 2x12 on it with my Heartbreaker head on top of that. They are all finished in the same black leather and grillecloth style, and the stack of them looks formidable! I might mic the two cabs and just try to see how they work together maybe with hard panned tracks even on the same performance.

the new studio space at calabrese west, in a garage at the calabrese house. Another couple days or so and I will put the recording stuff together. My rack has been put together for a few weeks now but stands waiting to be hooked up to the computer, which itself was waiting for some modifications to the massive steel desk I got from Ikea. The desk had a good deal of configuration possibilities, some of which lent themselves to studio work, so I spent a few hours making it ready for the job. After a few weeks of twiddling with networking and other possibilities across all the three computers Kelli and I have, the computer is situated and ready. All I need is time.

But I am still moving stuff, now for our incoming roommate Suzanne (a friend of Kelli's). For a person with disabilities, she is a pretty active but still, the work of moving desks falls to guys like me. Actually, we wanted her to move in so we sweetened the deal by offering to do her moving. It really means that all my studio stuff gets put on hold while I do that, or do laundry, or fix some of my furniture that got damaged in the move, or do some crazy mixed shifts at work. But Glenn and me are licking our chops at the idea of having a place to play once again after over half a year of studiolessness. I hope I still remember how to do any of this!

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