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Larks' Tongues in Aspic:
A delightfully Frippy
Noisy, rude mind-fuck

One More Red Nightmare
All the colors bleed to Red
Starless rocks greatly

The Sheltering Sky
In the heat of the jungle
I do think its good!

Cyclothymic moods
Belew synth guitar solo:
What a perfect mess

Bobby, Belew, Bruf
T-Lev binds it together
It takes Discipline!

Matte Kudesai
Ade Belew's guitar can fly
Wait for me my love

The Elephant Talks
Dinosaurs pass like clouds
The mind of Belew!

Five-seven-five counts
Haiku-Belew Thrak Attack
Fun with FraKcturing!

Diminished whole tones:
Music to kill yourself by
FraKctured, Schizoid Man

Les Paul, P bass, 'tron
Blood capsules, chains, leopard skins
'73 rocked!

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