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Two thousand six may be the year that goes down in history as the year when I finally "got" Genesis. That is, both the book and the band.

I've sort of skirted the band for oh, about 15 years now, but it took forever before I dove into their older stuff, or whatever I didn't have by about 1993 when I sort of stopped buying their Collins era pop stuff, not certain if I would dig their classic stuff. Finally, I was handed a disk of a few albums' worth of mp3s to make up for lost time, and only a little at a time, I hear parts of it and I have a moment of "whoa, fuck me, I've been missing this for all these years?" I just heard Wind and Wuthering for the first time and it blew my socks off.

And then back in Bible-land, yeah, this year was the first real look at any of it as a scholar motivated by schedule, grading, and so forth. Major revelation to me: a whole lot of kissy-kissy going on in that book. Or, as Alex and his droogs called it in Clockwork Orange, a lot of "the old in and out." But even better is that there is no real moral judgment passed on it in the text itself; all that was piled on later by other minds. It has been interesting to witness how much clearer it all is from the text itself. Take away Milton and Augustine and all of a sudden Eve can be Eve, and so many other stories open up to a far more interesting range of views once shorn of "baggage."

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