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Okay, if the government ever resorts to using the C-130 Hercules that the Blue Angels use ("Fat Albert") for firebombing civilians in apartments and schools with the intent to destroy all of it but mainly to take out the books and pictures and other vessels of cultural memory, remember folks, you heard it here first.

I just had a bad dream. It goes along with some of the other ones that I've had where the various military services start using fighter jets over the skies of the suburbs starting with what looks like an airshow so that people come outside and marvel, only to turn the whole scene into chaos as the jets just go suicidal as they fly too low, or skyrocket upwards only to shut off their engines and enter a free fall. It's kind of an end-of-the-world endgame as the government wants to get rid of the last of its power by using the jets themselves as bombs, raining down over civilians almost without precision. It looked like the desperation of when they shoved helicopters off the sides of the USS Midway on the way out of Saigon.

In this latest dream, the Fat Albert C-130 somehow was doing overly acrobatic maneuvers such as a plane like that has no business doing unless it was going to be suicidal. I somehow was outside when no one but one friend was outside. We somehow both heard the radio chatter between base and pilots and between the pilots. It was sinister. We got our phones out but they were jammed or something, so we ran back to our apartments knowing that books were one of the leading targets, but not knowing what to do to preserve them from attack.

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