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I left the apartment at 3:17 pm today after my final bit of cleanup.

The last couple of nights have seen me doing some of the street banner hanging work, each night going home and following that dirty work with a couple hours of cleaning house and prepping to move or actually moving things into place. Kelli was off to school for the last few days and so there wasn't much to divert my attention from the moving project. She doesn't know that I already finished off the apartment; she thinks she has a weekend of work ahead of her still. Well, sort of... there is still a lot to get in order at the new house, but I've placed a lot of things. The more we get done the sooner I can get my studio together. I still have to resolve that the wireless system here is not talking to my computer before I take the whole rig into the garage and set up. Right now I have the luxury of hardwiring to the router in a room that I won't be able to occupy for more than a few days.

I'm sooooooooooo tired right now. I've been pulling long days and working from damn near the time I wake up (later and later now that I don't have a day gig to speak of), and working till I drop, usually past 4:30 am or so. One night I stayed up after hanging banners till Kelli left for school at 5 am.

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