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Kelli decided it was time to get a laptop computer, so she bought a used iBook for real cheap, and the last week or so has been one of me getting to gleefully tinker with it as I prepped it for her to use when she returns to school next week. For what she wants to use it for, it's great, but the drive was too small to do much, so we got that replaced, got a second battery, and I am in the process of moving her off the G4 that I gave her when I upgraded in 2004. We're all on OS X.3 now, and I finally got them all talking to one another on the network.

She took to using mine and hers to do her work during the semester, making for a task of reconsolidating her stuff back to one machine and doing the regular work of keeping two machines going. The physical layout of the apartment was such that her desk should have been away from the bed—I had to do the regular night's sleep and she pulled the all nighters in a role reversal that still amazes me. Her computer is the noisy one that I retired but it was in the bedroom here. We had some challenging nights as I struggled to sleep with the fan noise, the keyboard clicking, and the monitor casting light all over the room. But it was too big a project to move the computers into opposite rooms, so we just struggled. With the laptop its a non issue, but even more so when she gets her own room to study in once we move! I might let this larger G4 do the job of audio machine only (ProTools, Peak, etc.), while using the older G4 to be the host for a shared iTunes and general internet and print station sort of thing somewhere in the house.

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