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Oh, I don't know what it is but the last few weeks I've been pretty ho hum on writing or doing much of anything that passed for normal life in the last few months. But that isn't really a bad thing. Things have been pretty good considering I anticipated that some of the situations I find myself in were ones that I was dreading. I am unemployed, after all.

Well, sort of. The company never pressed the "kill" button altogether, but it has been weeks since I worked there. I may get some time when the seasonal lull ends, but they are making me no promises it seems. I've tried a few times to call for a schedule but nothing has happened so far, and most of my calls have not even been answered. I don't miss the bullshit but I miss the money somewhat.

I say "somewhat" because I am in the process of moving from this little apartment after about six months here in North Park, and the new place is going to be a better deal in almost all ways, at least for how Kelli and I want to live. We're moving back to Clairemont into one of the houses that our family friend Phil owns. His son Adam is going to live in Brazil for a year or so with his wife, and Phil offered the house to us some months ago. Finally in December we got down to talking about the nuts and bolts of it all, and went ahead with the agreement despite what was then a new and unfortunate ripple in my work schedule. The place is a four bedroom which we plan to use more or less like we did before at my old house—rent out some rooms, keep my studio, Kelli's office/study, and a bedroom. Financially, it's a great deal, but it's really more of a safe haven for us since Phil and his partner Nancy live next door, and they have been like adoptive parents for us for the last few years, and have provided us with a surrogate family experience during holidays and other occasions. Phil gave Kelli away at the wedding, etc. so you can see that it's more of a positive place to live than my old house or even at this apartment which is just sterile and uninspiring.

I get to have the garage to set up my studio once again, which after the last moving project, got pared down somewhat, and is leaner than it has been for years. I find myself excited at the thought of finally having that space to work. It's a barely-improved garage space, ugly as hell, but Adam is a musician who has already been rehearsing his punk and metal bands in there, so it's already capable enough. Just last week I spent a day recording one of his bands in a makeshift studio thrown together the day before, consisting of my stuff pulled out of tubs and boxes. It was the first studio type recording I did since the end of June or so when Glenn and me jammed in the half-packed Hog Heaven. I could hope that the next year or so gives me some time to record again. After this lucky break, it's hard to imagine how I could get this set up yet another time. It gives me the feeling that maybe I should do something finally. I hope I can remember how to play!

Kelli and I have been amazingly close this time around, considering at the present we are facing some of the same situations that gave us utter hell back in the summer: moving house, starting another semester in grad school, and being unemployed! The last move was horrible beyond belief, but this time, we've been doing exceedingly well, I think because we both feel that the move to Adam's house is one that is positive, and the basic arrangement is basically what we would have liked to enjoy over at my old house if it was not ruined by my dad's interference and manipulation.

We have been over to help Adam prep the house for his departure, and to do some advance move in for our benefit. Some of the furniture will remain for us to use. His house is not being totally vacated before we move in; some of our stuff is already there but needs to wait to be put in place as the place is given a good going over. It's sort of a cross fade from Adam (and wife Carol) to us.

We also get to have Okua the dog back, and we are excited about that, but not more than anyone else in Phil's family. See, Okua gets to be a bit much to tolerate for everyone else who has had her, so she gets pinged and ponged around the family as she outlasts her welcome. She started at this very same house, initially as Adam's dog, and over time has been handed off to his mom Cindy (with whom Kelli lived for a year or so when we started dating), then to Phil and Nancy (and Adam, who lives next door anyway), and to us. We gave up Okua back when we moved a few months back; she was at Phil's but went back to Cindy and Trinity (Adam's sister), and maybe some time at Greg's (Cindy's partner). Cindy is ready to offload Okua back on to us once again, back at the house that she raised the family in! It's quite a saga, no doubt. Okua is just restless and likes to jump fences and run away. Indeed, we didn't escape her antics. She ran off (once she got all the way to Phil's which was a mile or so from the old house), and she also loved to steal food from our kitchen. She is also quite a shedder. Okua is a bit of a project, but she is the sweetest, most mellow dog and a good buddy.

In yet another example of the baton passing between Adam and me, it also turns out that his mom's partner Greg has had him doing banner hanging work around town, in a part time but decently termed arrangement. With Adam coming down to his last days here and me needing to pick up some work, Greg brought me in to help last week for a few bucks that otherwise would not be earned. Greg's line of work is countercyclical to my usual audio work; he gets busy beyond belief during the holidays when all the communities around town want to dress their streets with holiday banners on lampposts and signage. I could see helping Greg out during the slow season in the audio world. This work is no stranger than anything I've done, and it's not really anything demanding a lot of qualifications, and it's something that can help during the bum times.

So what else? I got Adam's house, his studio, his dog, and his job. Funny.

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