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Today I began work at AV Concepts. I woke up before the alarm at 6:35 (nearly unheard of in years). Took an hour and some change to get ready, which still doesn't amount to much since it's a shop job and I can wear my usual rags, but at least I went easy on myself. Had a speedy commute to work, really taking only about ten minutes or so for the short six mile drive. Well, it is short compared to my Poway drive a few years ago which was 21 miles, but a little longer than the four mile drive to start work for the Clairemont senior center.

This is the first time I have lived outside of Clairemont, with the exception of a two month span in 1996 when I camped at my girlfriend Robin's house in La Mesa during the OTHER instance of my being sent out of a house owned by my old man. It is so odd living somewhere other than Clairemont, and it really sinks in when I am on the road and all of a sudden find myself seeing things like a tourist.

Anyhow, my job starts at 8 am, which is the first job for me that has started at that time since oh, about 1995. From the start to the finish, it was shop time, and I was shown around the basic workings of the shop. Since my background is in audio, I am being primarily stationed in audioland. Essentially, today's work amounted to checking in returning truckloads of gear, complete with barcode scanner, and then opening each case and giving it the requisite check to make sure it is all in order or contains the right amount of whatever went out on the gig. It doesn't sound like much but one truckload was roughly equivalent to a gig I would have done three years ago took all day to process by me and the fellow who was showing me all this, and there were still a few pieces to receive. I think my job will also end up doing the same in reverse—gathering components and prepping racks and packages to spec, right down to the number of this and that. Allegedly this is the slow season. What overwhelming joys await me when it's time to juggle ins and outs in no time flat?

Then I came home and took a well deserved shower after all day in the slimy and gummy warehouse in Mission Gorge. Hot and sticky all day long. T shirt like a rag. Man, after six months off of any work at all, it's a stretch to do anything now, but to be thrown back into this stuff on a day like today—yow! And this follows on the heels of a whole week and more of moving house. I was tired going in today! Then when I got home, it was take a couple hours off, then go do some more moving and house stripping to get things ready. I had to turn in the keys today so almost everything is gone now. The rest has to wait for a week till I get a day off work so I can store things properly.

Yow. What a day. Today was a three shower day. Motherfucker.

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