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Well, just as suspected, it is a fucking grind to work in a concrete tilt-up warehouse in the middle of summer, particularly doing technical and manual work. Yup. Hot, sweaty, and smelly. I hate that shit. The last week of moving and now this new job has been one of three showers a day just to cope. It almost makes me long for a swimming pool at the complex here. No pool though. I guess that's why the place was cheap.

I've been doing shop work. I am told the end of next week has me doing a real loose movie-in-the-park gig at Padre Dam. The summer is slow for the company so I might unfortunately lose a few hours to that sort of belt tightening, but I am told the last few months of the year through the spring kick up to fever pitch. We shall see. When I hear about cuts in hours, my mind immediately shoots to the energy crisis ahead and how it could totally render my job and most of the industry utterly useless and superfluous. I feel really odd about taking this job. Yesterday we had a small staged "gig" inside the warehouse to model the four areas our shows will usually cover—sound, video/projection, lights, and the electrical specs that make it all happen at all. We got a two hour electrical crash course which actually was more informative than most of what I've learned from years of doing this stuff already. I still don't really get it all, but at least I get more about how it's applied to our line of work. All the time this was going on, I was thinking, "I wonder if Jack knows about our energy issue and what it would do to this line of work." I'm not sure this business or any like it has much of a future if we do indeed have this crisis at hand. As for myself, it sort of feels like a distraction to have this job because I feel my real calling is to address peak oil in any way possible, and to keep doing my EONSNOW work. Having 40 hours taken out of my personal schedule in order to stroke the corporate ego with lavish uses of energy and industrial hardware just seems weird to me. It's just mental static when the guys talk about how to advance in the company. To me, advancement is almost a no go. It's not that I won't try for it, but it sits wrong with me to excel at a project that is ultimately doomed.

But I don't have a lot of choice at the moment. Something needs to happen so I can make money, and I have only ever made too little in the past. But we've been hemmoraging money here for our moving project, at least with some help from my old man. I got a stinkin' parking ticket this morning when I went to my truck. I had parked just behind Kelli's car in a "double deep" parking space. The last foot and a few inches of my truck overhung the sidewalk. Somehow the city thinks that's robbing the pedestrian access and is worth $45. I would have got the message if it were only $15. Last thing I need now is this bullshit when I already have the various costs associated with moving to contend with.

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