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Okay, anything smaller than a four bedroom is small to me now. I am a house dweller by nature. All my years but for about 20 months in '96-'98 were spent in one house or another. I have only ever lived with up to three people beside myself, and usually only two others. So I am accustomed to a rather decent space to spread out.

This place is one of those places that is just a bedroom apartment complex. The frills, such as they are, include laundry. I guess we could muster another thing or two, but it's pretty basic. At least the inside is in good condition and has a number of new or newish touches. I'm surprised that the space is holding as much as it is. Of course, I did store a couch, classic office desk, hutch, dresser, and one of my dining room sets, and some chairs. There are still pieces I have not moved, stored, or even really figured out what to do with. All my music gear is parked at my dad's now that he has evicted his tenants too. But, for this place, it's doing admirably as a downsized version of home's accoutrements. I've been too busy moving and adjusting and frankly, taking showers to lament the loss of space much. Really, it would be nice to have my patio. Getting stuck inside all the time is a bummer. I gave my patio set to friends so its still available, but we aren't supposed to have anything at this place that clutters up the public area. We have no place out front that is a porch, patio, or storage. I guess that's why it's so cheap.

I just got my internet turned on a couple days ago and life is sort of back to normal, but it's just too hectic to resemble normal as long as I still have stuff to move or store or throw out. Then, as soon as that sort of settles down, Kelli is off to school in less than two weeks. What a fucking summer vacation for her, eh? So who knows what normal is going to be now that every last thing changed in a week or two.

Shit. It's 11:30. Time for fucking bed. I miss going to bed at 6 am after recording all night. Are those days gone forever? Will I have to wake at 6:40 forever? Don't answer, please.

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