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One man moving crew over here. You should see me cook up a mirrored dresser all on my own. In fact, it's too bad I didn’t have a video camera and there was no one to watch me sling the thing around and into my truck and out again, and to take it apart just “so” so it can navigate impossible curves. Of course if anyone ever steals my piano cart, I will be like Samson without his long hair.

I don’t know how many people I’ve helped move, and one of them got something like seven moves out of me, but where the fuck are any of these clowns now that I have to move? I get this stuff to do all by myself. My car-accident injured wife can’t do it. Shit, I used to get paid in pizza and sodas or beer when I did this sort of work for people and was done at the end of the day. But now I am STARTING my moving work at 11 pm so I can work in the relative cool and calm of the night. This has been like pulling teeth for weeks now. In the end, I am paid with a space that is about 1/4 what I have now, and 1/10 as functional, and a few miles more from the things I enjoy, even if it's somewhat fewer miles from where I will work. I have to do work I don’t anticipate liking so I can live in a tiny place with no amenities, all this at the end of the industrial era. I am not happy about this. The last thing I want to do now is work for a company that exists solely as a tool to stroke the corporate ego in the BEST of times when in fact, the WORST of times are ahead for corporate America. I feel like I should be doing my peak oil related work full time, or at least learning something useful that could help me keep an edge in my future scheme. But no. Go work for a company committed to using energy for utterly useless things, just so I can pay 3 times what I pay now for 1/4 the space.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Time to go curl up in a corner and die. Who would mourn the loss of some pinko commie America hating liberal anyway? The irony is the only thing that holds me together some days is the fact that my chosen mission in life is to announce peak oil and its fallout to the world, and most people laugh it off like a big joke. Even Kelli doesn’t get it somedays and we get into utterly ridiculous arguments about it and why it's got the place in my life that it does. Then she sends me a link to an article about some totally useless alternative fuel that still relies on oil for its feedstock. It's like, we argue about peak oil and how it will affect life, or that it gets me depressed, then she sends me links to more of it. HELLO??? You want me depressed or not?

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