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I just got done with my second trip over to my new apartment. With the place being just a one bedroom, it's not a matter of sheer quantity that needs moving. I can pretty much move any piece of furniture myself when dealing with my pickup, a piano dolly or two, and a fairly flat surface. Today I singlehandedly maneuvered loveseat, bookshelf, end tables, boxes, and some other pieces. I still have a crappy computer desk (mine), a good desk (Kelli’s), recliner, dining room table, and a dresser with mirror attachment (that can be removed).

I still have all my music stuff to find a home for. Sometimes I think of just giving it away because I feel it's such a ridiculous burden for the use I get from it anymore. I sold my Rhodes piano last week, fortunately for $70 more than I paid for it five years ago, and that was the one piece of gear I have ever sold at a profit. I’ve sold some other things too but not to amount to much. I still am a well equipped rock trio–drums, basses (3) and amp/cabinet, and guitar and amp/cabinet. Then I also have some outboard stuff, mics, monitors, and a shitload of cables and other junk. All that stuff I just do not know where I will park it. Anyone want to keep my shit for a while?

I am supposed to start work at AV Concepts on the 8th. That is also the day I am supposed to be done here, though there will probably be some leniency since it's family (sort of). I have to take my washer, dryer, and fridge over to the old man’s house where there is at least space for that sort of stuff. Then I have bikes, patio table and chairs, and other junk of that sort to do something with. I don’t think all this will be kept. I still have space in my storage boxes (the drive off type) and will do some shuffling to keep as much as possible, but at one point, paying $135 a month for an extra bedroom’s worth of space will lose its charm and I might find myself wishing for a two bedroom. That is, except that the storage boxes are rather crammed with stuff that would take some serious floor space (full sofa, office desk, chest of drawers, hutch, ANOTHER dining room table, etc.)

And this week, it's time to manage all my utilities—shut off a bunch of stuff and restart some of it at the new place. Cable internet will cost more just because. Only because. Because it's a monopolistic service and Cox is all I can get there. Roadrunner doesn’t serve the area, so I can’t just change addresses. Cox has comparable but slightly lower spec service for $5 more a month, and wants to rent me a modem for $10 more than that, or sell it to me for $80. Grrrrrr. RR gave me a free modem. WTF?

At least there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Kelli starts school in a few weeks, about two weeks after I start work. She just got a replacement car after her POS Saturn died a week or two ago. I may be able to get more done with EONSNOW once I have a locked schedule again, and she is gone for a few days a week. But change, what change! I’ve never been the leaseholder on an apartment before, and it's been seven years since I was in one at all. I don’t remember liking it a lot. Very sterile and boring. I did have music then and recorded a lot in that period, but I won’t be doing that as much. More internet now. Never had internet then, and since four years ago when I got my computer, it's been all internet all the time, and barely any music. So, we’ll see. I am cozying up to the idea of living in a tiny place, but I can really only imagine wanting to get the hell out of it. Who knows? Maybe I will get a social life again. Scary.

Downsizing from a four bedroom to one is hell. Don’t try this at home, kids.

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