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Masters and slaves fight
Workers toil endlessly
Greed is great, amen

Perverse men clean house
Their righteousness rules the land
It aint theirs to clean

Poison drunk today
We call it progress and gloat
Better to eat the beef?

WalMart wrecks our land
Save a buck on hair dryers
Bye bye grandchildren

Oil keeps me fed
Beef, pig, wheat, corn—mass produced
Delivered by trucks

Jesus saves the poor
Illegitimate rabbis
They make much trouble

Surrounded by fools
Politics as usual
America now

Right wing nutjobs say
They have more moral values
Show me the money

God is dead today
Waiting on the underground
Radicals bomb there

America sold
Highest bidder gets the prize
China needs more cars

Allah broke all laws
Jesus forgave him humbly
Bush wants them both dead

Toxic fish served here
Food will kill oh so slowly
War will work faster!

Terror in the streets
Middle eastern question
Drive my SUV?

Grandpa worked hard days
Son had other ideas
I sweep the floor clean

Beauty runs rampant
Green trees, fresh air, love all 'round
Aint memory grand?

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