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I refuse to entertain Creationists who deny evolution when it seems that people of this mind also tend to be the ones who shrug their shoulders at the degredation of the world by leaps and bounds.

Sorry, but

Preach Creation,
Administer Destruction

is not a theology worth getting behind. If in fact God wants to ever destroy the world, that is God’s business, not ours. And since we don’t operate on God’s clock, we have no business being such idiots about letting the earth go to its grave. One day people will appreciate this, but by then it will be wayyytoofuckinglate.

The thing is, science and religion cover two wholly different things. Science is about measuring thing, religion about inspiring people to be better people through love and action to better the world and human relations, and does not really concern itself in precise measurements because the wisdom is meant to be timeless, on the whole. I just don’t get why people think it's an issue. I know a tremendously brilliant few scientists who are also very dedicated to either their Christian and/or Urantia Book inspired beliefs. I’m talking of one guy who is at the level of trying to debunk and develop upon Einstein. High caliber stuff here. He is very dedicated to the religious and mystical element of his life, as was Einstein himself. I don’t see what part of seeking to understand the universe and all its workings makes a person love God any less. This man I am speaking of walks the walk too as a Christian, doing the good things that really constitute the essentials of the faith. That is a whole lot better sounding to me than someone who can preach Creationism and then go cheat on his wife or be blind enough to add to the environmental destruction around us.

If you are going to preach that God’s earth is a centerpiece of God’s work, then by God, I hope preservation of that world is a part of your plan, else you don’t have a leg to stand on. You can’t invoke God’s greatness as creator and humanity being formed in God’s likeness and then go out and destroy it too, even from negligence and ignorance. The creationists should be the ones out there with the signs demanding environmental protection. Arguments that God has a plan for wiping out the world again are immaterial, and do not let us off the hook for loving the planet and its systems, and science provides one way to peek into how it all works and deepen the experience by showing how magnificently it does work, and that no matter how it came to be, it's our home now, and we really should stop shitting in our bed.

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