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I finally got around to indulging myself on the luxurious two gigs of space my web host provides me, and with this gesture, I am only using up about 45% of my space, and that is with two sites included (old TAPKAE and Hog Heaven Media) that have some of the same material as this new stuff, so in some places, there are three of the same things in different folders. Maybe I should clean that up some.

I spent all of Friday putting up a shitload of songs from the widest range of my work yet, and I still have left whole projects unrepresented. Still, I have none of my pre-1996 work (Rhythmic Cartharsis, New Electron Symphony, Slaves By Trade) up there, none of the stuff I recorded with Kelli, only one or two tracks from my 1996 CD, and some other things that accumulate along the way. I know I have DATs with stuff scattered around, either as outtakes from certain projects, or whole things that just got shelved. There is one totally ignored CD of things I did in the opening days of my multitrack recording work. There are things that are too embarassing now, but some things still resonate. So, there is stuff out there, but in almost every case, not a lick of it will be heard from before early 1993, and even that is pushing it. LOL. But most of my stuff from 1996 and onward at least bears a satisfactory recording quality. Prior to that it was all cassette and bouncing technique.

But close down this blog and go over to the music page before long and listen to the range of things that I've done. Most of it is still intelligible as music, albeit goofy or irreverent, or meditative, or intense, or even lame. But it's a decent taste of things.

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