I have been working feverishly on my new project called EONS NOW which is the place where my legit attempts to bring peak oil to the public will be conducted. I suppose that I will still be annoying all you faithful readers with commentary on the matter as it springs to my head; I don't regard it as being solely an academic sort of pursuit, and the solution is one that could only come from having one's brain on and encouraging others to do the same. This particular blog has done a lot to help me find my way with the range of topics that interest me. home page, late 2005EONSNOW.orgThe new site will be self expanatory enough so once you check it out, you can see what I am trying to accomplish. If any of you are interested in the range of topics that peak oil encompasses, or those that would be solutions to such a dilemma, now is the time to step forward and help me out. Even if you know of people of like mind, at least send them my way.

My new site is one part of a fuller program that I am involved with. There is an organization called the Post Carbon Institute that is a think tank and motivational organization to get people to take this stuff to the local level. They have an international presence, and on their web site, they have a new program similar to with a number of localized groups who converge on sub sites to plan and discuss. I am also part of a beta testing period for that project. I think that I'll let that place go do what it does, and try not to do too much redundant stuff on my site, using EONS NOW for more localized stuff. Right now the formation of these two sites is sort of like amoebas having gymnastic sex, so the ideas are fluttering about and sooner or later will settle down.

The theme of EONS NOW is contained within its name; End Oppressive Non-Sustainability Now. It came to me as I was looking for a short name that would be easy to remember, and the notion of "eons" struck me as a handy word, as it depicts a division of time in earth history, and if the fading days of oil energy and the industrial world are not indicative of a new division of time in earth's history, I don't know what is. But before I even got that philosophical, I really had been thinking of how non-sustainable oppression is, and oppression is a key part of all our lives in the way that modern commercial culture is akin to an abusive, addicted husband in a marriage, and we civilians are the wives who can't just get up and leave without sheer force of will. We have been abused by advertising for so long we have handed over our faith in our own abilities to entities that are out for profit. They have convinced us that we can't clothe ourselves, feed ourselves, shelter ourselves, or entertain ourselves without their might and influence. So they have crafted a good or service that will do it for us. Insecurity is at the root of most of our problems in society now, and a lot of it has to do with our collective emasculation—stripped of pride in our own work and efforts to define our world in our image and not that of what a company wants to sell us.

So what EONS NOW wants to do is to do a lot of what you see here already: shine a light on how we have allowed someone else to sell us our daily needs and our dreams, and to show how that is destructive to the entire society, making people dependent on psychopathic corporations in the same way as a woman is beaten and scared into submission because the alternative is supposedly worse. Oppression is violence because it denies people of their potential. Advertising is psychological abuse because it tells us we are not as good as whatever they have to sell, or our lives will amount to nothing if we don't take the presribed bait. Or maybe now that a 60 year old man's cock isn't going to work without a couple of these pills. The last thing we need is shit like that and the denial of legal and safe contraception. That isn't even the pinko commie liberal in me talking. That is the side of me that knows that the current system of exploitation of all resources and most of humanity is a system doomed to fail, and will make us eat collective shit for the greed of others.

There is a site called Dieoff dot org that takes on the extreme end of the peak oil scenario. It still can scare me like little else has, but I refuse to let it slip away under the rug. My mentor JDL has said that a culture of success will collapse of its own weight, and the ultimate collapse is human collapse itself. If the threat of that is not oppressive, I do not know what else is. Now is not the time to outlaw selective fertility under the guise of preserving all life for God's glory, at the same time as we wage ill-justified wars. No, we don't need more population in a time of great misery. The terrible bind we are in is one of facing oppression in our food choices—do you want GM food or do you want chemical-pumped fare? In maybe two generations or less, I think we could face oppression at the other end: not having food choice at all when the suicidal seeds now made and sold by corporate agribusiness fail us, and the earth itself is too toxic a place to grow enough to support our population. Either it has been paved over, or it has been pumped with chemicals, or is home to suicidal seeds that last the one year they are intended to last. Stripping the earth of its own ability to reproduce and feed itself and its creatures is a fine definition of oppressive tyranny. I've heard it called "intergenerational tyranny." I believe it was the Cherokee nation of American natives that would ask if their decisions would also be good for the seventh generation. Now the dominant question is something approximating 'will this earn us double digit profits for the next quarter?' Popular western and transnational corporations planning for three months away or the Cherokees who are thinking of what will happen in 150 years as a result of their decisions today. What do you think is a more prudent course?

Anyhow, themes such as these are what will constitute at least my share of EONS NOW dot org. Peak oil will undermine most of the notions we have now regarding wealth, property, growth, economy, and community. We can either be devastated by it or we can consider that maybe the time in which we live is actually the period that is plagued with problems, and that maybe it's a good thing to see these already-damaging systems dissolve.

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