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To Whom it May Concern within the DOD:

I am very disturbed to hear about the need for soldiers to have to supply items that should come as part of the job they do. This is unconscionable. Underwear and toothpaste is one thing, but for soldiers to have to supply ANYTHING in the way of uniforms or armor or safety equipment is just WRONG. I hear your budget this year is about $450 billion. And that the wars are not included in that, and furthermore that these wars are hemmoraging money at something close to $5 billion a month. There is no excuse for this business of having any one in the armed services have to foot the bill for their own gear. You are giving them the world's most wretched job as it is, with your ethically bankrupt war which is fought only so that we can get a foothold in the last oil rich region of the world. Soldiers have been duped into believing that they are there for some noble goal, and they are not, and now they have been duped into footing part of the bill for it? This is wretched. Whoever makes these decisions should be disgusted with themselves. If that is Rumsfeld himself, then so be it. There is no justification for this whatsoever.

Similarly, there is no case for the stop loss programs to keep soldiers in the service after the dates they were told would wrap up their service. This is a dirty trick being played on them. And I just don't subscribe to the notion that this is a volunteer army. I've had the offer made to me to sign up and receive bonuses and all sorts of perks, all of which sound great, but in the same pitch the recruiter never mentioned that I could lose limbs, brains, and even my life. And that seems to be what is happening now. Pity the soldier who is weeks away from discharge and has safely made it this far and will return home soon, but is called back to certain terror, and might not fare so well the next time around. Terrible. Utterly terrible. Maybe some volunteered, but I think the army is an all-duped army. An all-brainwashed army. If it is a volunteer army, I think you wouldn't need to offer the $20,000 signing bonuses and stuff. Who is going to be interested in that but for the people who could never get such breaks working at KFC or Wal Mart? No, these aren't volunteers. They're the ones who are basically preyed on for being cheap cannon fodder. You have $20,000 to sweeten the pot so the poor kids will sign up, but you won't buy them the gear they need to do the work? Or the gear they need to be protected? I know its all a game you play, and it's disgusting. We don't need another aircraft carrier, but somehow there was money for that. How many nuclear carriers are in Iraq at the moment? The Ronald Reagan was launched but the Hummers on the ground in Baghdad are getting blown to bits, with legs and arms and brains going with them.

What is wrong with you people?

Thank you.

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