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Well, let's give it up for Kelli. She got some good news today. It was going well enough when she went out and got a big bean bag chair. Then a while later, I was sitting here and doing some stuff on the puter when I heard her in the other room shouting and laughing like a little girl. She came running in like the house was on fire and exclaimed "Claremont is gonna have me!!!"

I had a puzzled look on my face because it was only a few weeks ago when she got the axe from the Clairemont Senior Center after weeks of hassle and strife and other intra-office dynamics. I had spaced for a minute thinking she had somehow gotten her job back when she giddily exclaimed "CLAREMONT!"

Clairemont, Claremont... oh!!! Two different places...

CLAREMONT School of Theology!

Duh. She got the call to confirm she has been admitted to the graduate school of her choice. She had been looking forward to a career in ministry for quite a long time, but put it on hold for a while. Finally, she decided to sign up. She had to write an essay to announce herself and her ambitions to the school. She was going nuts over the essay, and threw out who knows how many versions of it before she finally had some people tell her it was just fine and send it in while its still hot. She had been coached some from a graduate of CST who does some part time ministry work at our church.

Kelli didn't ever announce to her own mother until after she got this call today that she wanted to go into ministry. She had made talk about signing up for grad school, but said nothing of what she intended to pursue. Her grandfather had been a UCC minister for most of his life and she held him in great regard, and had quietly decided to follow in his footsteps when she was a kid.

So what we are looking at is a three year term with her up in Claremont California (a different place than the Clairemont area of San Diego), which is about 120-something miles away. It appears she will be doing a half week on/half week off plan. That makes things interesting because she will have to pay some rent there, but our situation here is a difficult one to leave. So needless to say, things will get to be interesting for a while as we sort out our living arrangement. Her earlier school choice was in the Bay area and that might have more clearly dictated a move, but the commute thing is possible. My concern is the matter of what the oil prices are going to do to our customary freewheeling driving habits. She knows of some commuters also from San Diego (and on the same sort of schedule), so there might be some breaks there, and the train is always an option, and mercifully has a stop within a mile or so from the school.

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