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The last several days have been one huge mess of a house for me and Kellipup. Losing the studio alone was cause to have to absorb a whole room's worth of stuff into the house. Wednesday was the day when the street facing side of the studio was torn wide open and laid flat on the concrete. Since then, things have been a total clusterfuck of drums, studio gear, electric piano, guitars (in bags or cases, and a couple without—I never take my guitars anywhere, so I never bagged or cased them all), books, shelves, sofas, desks, and all sorts of other junk has all been moved from one room to another. The living room is littered with all this stuff. Finally, today I got the most work done in getting Kelli set up in the bedroom that we haven't rented in two months. She now has a whole bedroom to herself for her office and study. And I got the big room that was remodeled last year for my studio. Today Glenn and I set it up more or less as it will appear, with drums and piano and other stuff. It's sort of like the studio arrangement I had back in 2002/2003 before I packed it in for several months. Now, this is not a room prepared for sound so it remains to be seen what sort of drum use I can get out of it, if any. However, things here are not as restrictive as they once were at the old man's house while I was there, and I had spells of being able to play there with modest concessions as far as dampening the kit and room, but never any construction modifications. One wall faces the rest of my house, and my bedroom buffers the space between this room and the living room. Another wall faces the garage space, another the back yard with the hill that juts up, and the last wall is facing my neighbors. This room probably won't be able to get the sorts of mods that made the other room the great place it was, but you never know what could happen. But for now, I won't go bonkers worrying about that. It's just cool to see my gear set up again, and now in the coolest looking room in the house. As I sat at the drums today while setting them up, I looked out the window at the huge tree in my back yard. That alone is weird. For the last nearly seven years, my drums have been in a windowless sweaty box.

Now I have to put up my guitar hanger (full sized stud with six guitar hooks mounted to it), and find places for my guitar amp, mic the drums and patch some stuff into the rack. As for my guitar amp sounds, I am banking on my remote speaker cabinet trick that was used to some degree of luck in the old room when Glenn and I were recording drums and guitar at once. I have a 2x12 cabinet buried under a plywood and carpet box, which itself is buried under blankets and beside couch cushions. Its crude but it worked well enough to keep my guitar and drums separated while tracking simultaneously. I still like to use high gain for my guitar tones, so I can't really be goosing the power on the Mesa too hard without some heavy dampening, and I hate the idea of using digital models.

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