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Okua the Wolf DogI was sitting in the carport today with Okua. The day was a real sleeper for me. Kelli was off at work having a shitty day in a meeting that would make or break her interest in working for that place anymore. I was bummed because I might drop my Humanities class on account of being sufficiently unable to focus on the readings well enough to really do more than get by. So today could have just dropped off the calendar for all I cared.

Okua likes to hunt bees or flies or whatever will dare to buzz around her head. Today there was a bee that she followed around the driveway and carport. It fell from the sky and looked like it was about to die. She took a few swipes at it at first then it was on the concrete, trying to fly but unable to do so. She knocked it around with her nose, flicked her tongue at it and kept it moving around some, then backed off. She played this game for several minutes. If she was only half her size, she'd still be formidable, but she's sort of large and looks like a wolf. But here she was, just bumping this bee around a few inches at a time. She lapped at it like she would do so to groom herself. It was funny to watch. Finally she just lapped it up and ate it.

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