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Actually, I jest. It is the SOUND of hell on earth in the morning, and I really don't like it at all.

For the last two days in particular, and today also, the neighborhood has been hell to wake up to. On Monday, my neighbors immediately next door have began tearing down their garage in order to start a remodeling project, which will end up putting a second story on top of the garage. These last couple mornings (starting at about 8 am), it's been the sound of many guys hacking away at the garage (which had already been a two room remodel as it was) with saws, hammers and whatever else. Then the sound of all that stuff being cast aside and ultimately into the hauling trailer. Add to that the sounds of the workmen shouting, and classic rock radio blasting from the truck, and the already-anticipated sounds of various gardening crews that work the area.

That was Monday. Yesterday, it was all that, PLUS the neighbors across the street who are getting their pool replastered and the surrounding area enlarged. So there are more trucks around their house, with various blasting and jackhammering of some sort, and the generators or compressors to run all that stuff. There might have been some yard crews in the area then too. It was all a drone of industrial noise. The last thing I needed was all this noise to start at 8 am or so after going to bed at 4 am. The day before got sucked up in a maddening 12 hours of trying to do something that should have been really fuggin' easy on Kelli's computer. I was at first trying to be meticulous in my addressing the problem, but eventually, I had to call it a night. So I woke up at 8:45 after about four and a half hours of sleep, and then had to go back to the computer and spend about another four hours to actually put it right like she would have left it.

Today it is more of the same, sans computer nightmares. Jackhammers, blasters, compressors, generators, trucks, stuff hitting the bottoms of hauling trailers... fucking hell. And, with the next door place being an extensive remodel job, something like this will be going on for what, a couple months? Oh, shit. Framing day is going to be a fun one.

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