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Glenn Farrington. A CheekyMonkeyFunker.I've been trying to get into the studio and make stuff lately. Last week I got some new plugins for ProTools and Peak, and have been twiddlin' with guitars and basses lately. Today Glenn came over and we did about an hour's worth of jamming on a few themes that have been batting around here either for a few days or a few years. This makes two tunes we've had take any real shape, which I have to say is two tunes more than I have done in almost that many years. Both are in need of arrangements and more development, but they sort of hang together like pieces of music would. One is called 21st Century Headache, and that's a heavier more artsy sounding tune with some good overdriven guitar and active bass. The one we did today is tentatively dubbed Nude Beach Savior and is harmonically very sophisticated for me, and the bass part I put down is surprisingly sweet for being such a track with many different chords. Nude Beach Savior is a slower tune with some jazzy balladic sort of feel, fairly open. The drums carry it sort of like a tune on my CD called "Pearls Before The Swine." It's easily the most musical thing I have done in two years, and one of just a few tracks that have been worth a shit since I finished my CD in mid 2000. Both have their rhythmic issues but each has a certain power and grace that has been absent from my recordings for a while. Both have me on guitar and bass. 21st Century Headache has me on drums in part, and Glenn on another section. My main focus for a while has been bass, but since Race To Judge was done about two years ago, guitar has been as likely a thing for me to pick up, but when I jam to write, I use guitar. When I jam to jam and have fun, it's bass. Now that I have the 4 string Music Man, I am feeling good about playing bass. I have sort of left the 5 string on the wall for a while now. The new bass just fits into the mix really well. It's hard to not pick it up.

As for now, my head hurts like a muthafukka. I don't wear earplugs when I play guitar in jam situations. I wore them religiously for drums in the same situations, but never for guitar. I can't hear my tone, man. And playing the tune over and over and over for playback, bass tracking, and mixing is just making my head explode.

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