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I went out today on my bike to settle up first of the month issues, and look for some toy jobs. I was gone about two hours. I came home and found that the dog was gone, and I guess it had to be that my roommate left the gate ajar even for a few moments, and the dog took off. Since I was gone for two hours, I don't know what sort of head start she was able to get. I got back on the bike and pedaled around the usual areas she has been to, one of them being almost perfectly predictable. No luck. Came home to grab a bite to eat and while I was here, I got the call from her more legit owner Phil, who lives about a mile from here. He called to tell me he had a guest that found her way over there. So I went and picked her up at his house. She was out of breath. Must have made a good break for it when she got the chance. She jumps the fence in my back yard like nothing, but in the front where she spends her day time when no one is here, she hasn't been able to get out unless the gate is open. If I didn't hear from Phil, I would have expected to hear from his ex-wife Cindy, who also kept Okua for a while (Okua has had a few homes within their family, and we are the latest to take care of her), and who's phone number is still on the collar.

At least I know where to look for her next time. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

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