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I got drawn into watching the evening news with my Kelligirl today, and the local segment had a few interesting segments, back to back.

There was the SANDAG (San Diego Association of Governments) awarding companies that support vanpooling for their employees. The award went to SAIC for getting 12 passenger vans for their employees to use and paying the employees more to use it, while expecting them to pay for gas and share driving responsibilities. The story said that it was predicted that in thirty years, commute times would double if people kept driving the way they are now. Ha. Like anyone will be able to afford anything of the sort in 30 years. Like the infrastructure will be around in shape in that time. Like there will be any more land to create freeways and roads. There was one dude who looked 55 or so, totally scientist looking, who rode his bike 35 minutes each way, and had lost about that many pounds since biking. Good. Said his car commute was 25 minutes anyway, so he really only upped his time investment by 20 minutes or so and got a workout to boot. Good.

Then there was a story about global warming. There were pictures taken of glaciers in Alaska, at the same time and place each year with a noticeable fall in level. There was talk about how this may affect us down in So Cal—stuff like the tropics basically moving northward, with the flora and fauna, and pests to go with it all. Not good. There was talk about how our local shrubs and grasslands would die. Not good.

But then there was a story about how a mortgage lending corporation donated a $275,000 fire truck to San Diego for fighting brush fires. It was a monster. With the exception of being the usual bright red and polished metal, it looked ready to go into battle. I bet it gets five miles to the gallon or something. Apparently the city is looking forward to getting two more of these, presumably on its own dime.

Before the story was over, I commented to Kelli that the next wave of commercials would be pitching gas guzzling cars and trucks for zero percent interest. FORD! DODGE! CHEVY!  "Hey, the world is coming to an end, but we may as well throw a party. The Lord might appreciate the head start! We may as well make the place ready to burn so when he comes he'll only need one match!"

The second commercial after this series of stories was an ad for Chevy trucks on sale now for 0% interest.

So let's see here... The case for high density urban development instead of suburban sprawl was made for me in one news cast...

Long commutes bad. Fire endangering outer ring houses bad. Global warming bad. But then put a fucking ad on so that some company can sell us the very things that are to blame for this whole fucking mess. In fact, the car companies are tripping over themselves to sell us these vehicles that they are willing to forgo the business of charging interest! Oh, and did you notice the fire truck was donated by a MORTGAGE lender? You think they are trying to save their asses by keeping the fires down while developments are popping up all over what used to be far off lands outside the city? Oh, and all those houses demand the use of cars because people aren't really hip to using any form of mass transit (doesn't even exist around here, to speak of). And now people in El Cajon are making the NEWS for getting into a van together and riding to La Jolla? That is the NEWS, folks. Wow, some people are really fucking enlightened.

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