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Ah, today I woke at about 10. That is at least an hour later than I've been doing for a year and more, though many mornings I tended to wake before 9, usually shortly after Kelli leaves in the morning (shortly before 8). I planted a live Christmas tree in the back yard and did some house cleaning like a good house husband should. With all the dust and dander kicked up in cleaning, I got a wicked case of allergies and the super powerful sneezes that go with them. Time Warner came to fix my internet connection and it turned out to be some sort of TV/internet signal splitting device on the main pole across the street. The guy replaced that piece and all of a sudden my signal was back in action, from well below a dialup speed to over 2mbps like it should be. It's like a racehorse now.

All this was done before noon or so.

Then Glenn came by and in the middle of the day, we just chilled. Listened to music, played some ourselves, ate burritos, shot the shit, played with the dog, and made mp3 CDs for him with an absurd amount of stolen music on them. Then we jammed again.

Kelli got home and we went off to a study group centered around a book called the Urantia Book. There was ice cream. Then we came home and I made a tasty Italian sausage sandwich. It was yum. Then we got to talking about stuff till she expired. I guess one of these days I should go look for a job.

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