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I want to be a song.

I want to be a song by the band Japan.

Or one by Kevin Gilbert.

Or a Robert Fripp soundscape.

Or maybe a Miles Davis solo.

Or perhaps a complex chord with altered tones.

I want to be a polyrhythm.

I want to be poor and humble, enlightened but modest.

I want to be rid of material concerns.

I want to be lost.

I want to be at ease.

I want to be naive.

I want to be the one people come to because I have nothing to offer but myself.

I want to be a conduit for the ages.

I want to be a puppy that gets to run and play, is adored for just being, and still gets forgiven for crapping on the carpet once in a while.

I want to be denominated in love, grace, or hope, not dollars.

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