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The last two months of 1994 and about the first half of 1995 was spent hauling my drums out to somewhat regular band tryouts all around San Diego county. I played with too many metal bands in El Cajon and La Mesa, some alt rock bands, a few prog acts that I thought I would like because they put "Rush" in the ad (only to find those are the ones I need to avoid). There were some King's X and RHCP ripoffs too. Oh, and what was I thinking? Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and STP were godlike then! I played too many classic rock songs in some of the auditions. The best of the bunch never took me, and the worst of the bunch left me feeling dirty! The only band with any name that I even got a shot at was a Sandy Eggo rising star called Lucy's Fur Coat. Of course, not only did I not get the gig, the band mostly caved in after their search turned up nothing. After all those months of looking, I ended up heading for my own little world of solo recording and experimentation, with a few players dropping in to contribute. Most of my musical output would be based on that for years to come.

So last night's little audition on bass was sort of like that. It has been forever since I really took a stab at joining anyone else's gig. I've done this solo stuff so long now, and variations have really only included looking for others to enhance it or start a band around my ideas. I really came to hate the cold call audition sort of method for meeting people. Working around some established players gave me a certain aloofness when it came to wanting to deal with the garage rock crowd. I got some decent names to at least play bits on my stuff, and for me that was fine. So I stayed away from the general ads for years, instead trying to network from the pros that I worked for. Now, after some years of stagnation, I've wanted to tighten up a certain musical sound I have been pursuing, but it hasn't happened, but I still want to play. My time and energy to produce music like before is not what it used to be, so I have been coming around to maybe joining up with one or two people to do some small scale work, or even joining a band that already has a "thing" about them and some material ready to go.

If nothing else, auditioning for different gigs has a way of developing one's readiness for things later on. As unfamiliar as last night's music was, I felt like I held my own and even had some little touches (a slid harmonic as a fill was almost brilliant at one point). I didn't have much room for an ego; I was still a babe in the woods, but it seems that my time with the intentionally horrendously bad Magnificent Meatsticks and all the little band combos that have been here in my studio has finally primed me for a variety of things, at least when it comes to thinking on my feet, which is something multitrack recording doesn't do. I'm just getting off on playing in real time now. The shoe is on the other foot. I'd prefer to be a player in a band now. If someone else wants to record stuff and go doctor it up, I'd be interested in seeing what comes up.


It was also ten years ago today that I got some life changing news. There is at least one reader who will relate to this. Can you believe it? TEN fucking years now?

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