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I wrote last year about the worthlessness of the present day automobile accessory: the spinning spoke wheel that is supposed to spin as you come to a stop, and keep spinning. Basically, it is a way to look good as you are going nowhere. I mean, you are at a stoplight, and that is the only time when anyone can "appreciate" the full effect! I think this is a metaphor for modern American life: look good going nowhere.

Absurd if you ask me. Even stupid, given the cost involved in these things. I've heard these things are $500 and more per piece and they only matter when you are sitting still, and not even for the duration of the stoplight cycle! Some wind down to a stop a lot sooner.

But there is even more absurdity. Today, I was driving my route and I spotted one car with these spinner wheels that had spokes that didn't even spin right! They just remained in one place, even as the wheels were turning! It would be hard to imagine something more useless than this expensive, silly gimmick that doesn't even work right in the few seconds it is supposed to.

Well, there is the missile defense system that Bush wants. It doesn't even work right in tests!

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