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My cable performance sucks. I don't know why. What the hell is going on with my speed here? In September, I had a modem just die on me, and Time Warner Cable came out and replaced it, and traced the line. There was an unneeded splitter in the line that did affect the speed a good deal, and when it was removed, I had some super fast service like I had never had for the three years before that. And now, I have the same system with the modem they gave me to replace the dead one, and a router that was here for months before all this went down, and two Macs of my own, and whatever my roommates use. I have one wired Mac and a wireless one (mine). I have tested and retested performance after rebooting everything, bypassing the router altogether and hard wiring either of the Macs. No dice. Most of my bandwidth speed tests are at about 5% to about less than 50% of the spec that I should be getting. I had a tech come out and see about all this on Sunday, and he was useless. He gave me yet another modem to replace the replacement, just in case. But no dice. If it was a router issue, bypassing it would be a solution. If it were a Mac issue, my roommate on a PC would be doing fine. I don't think I have spyware. I have my settings right in the network panels. I downloaded new versions of Firefox and Safari, and that didn't help. In fact, Firefox is running insanely slow—like half of dialup speed. Yeah—that bad.

I've smashed printers when I have gotten this pissed off at inanimate objects that frustrate me.

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