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I was just watching the ABC television network run its hour (or two?) long commercial for Sears, Extreme Home Makeover. Kelli sometimes turns it on and gets drawn into it. Anyhow, there was a commercial for The Lending Tree dot com that made me laugh out loud. It had a man speaking of his four bedroom house in the suburbs, his membership at the country club, his shiny new car, and a few other trappings of modern suburban life. He had a matter-of-fact voice, and he appeared content beyond all normality. Then the rhetorical question he asked was, 'how do I do it? I'm up to my EYEBALLS in DEBT!"

I just had to laugh out loud for a minute. That was as honest and unpretentious as it was going to get tonight. So I got up and left the room. Too bad the commercial was for a company that wants to get its cut out of America's already overwhelming debt load. Ah, capitalism at its finest. What happens when the economy reverses itself because it can't grow anymore on account of no more energy to fuel it? We'll be more fucked than a Thai whore.

Now, THAT would be honesty in advertising.

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