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I got bored one night and made the basis of this website as it appears here now. I was bored two subsequent nights and managed to finish the thing for the most part, and decided I liked it so much, that I put it up right away. This is mark IV. So far, there is the original one that I did almost three years ago. It was the purple and sandy colored one that really held things together but got really overblown. Then there was the somewhat short lived one that took over about April or so last year. It was a framed page, and I like it. I had stripped it down really lean, partially because I was tired of maintaining such a complex plain HTML site. I was also bored with talking about myself and going into such minutia about stuff that no one (myself included) cared about. The mark II site was the first with a real meat and potatoes approach. Then, I wanted to feature an inline frame site, so I made the mark III site which is what was here till last week. I don't think I will keep a copy of it here, mainly because all the info on that site has been brought to this new version, and some added. It was plain black overall with a tidy window within which worked as long as the content fit within the window, but sometimes it didn't and things got cut off, and even though it was scrollable, it looked lame, so I was off to the drawing board. Little by little, I am getting more and more control over CSS and what I want to do with it. I have been wanting to escape my generally boxy layout, and at least take out the obvious boxes. This was the first time I ever put a non-tiling image into the background (I'm a little slow). And, now that this is the second black version of this site, I guess its true what they say... once you go black, you never go back!

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