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Well, I've been excited about playing lately. I put out a whole host of emails to various artists, advertising my bass playing. As you can read in earlier entries, some are curiously miscast for me, but have been interesting experiences, if only to be cast into the deep end playing unfamiliar stuff and trying to sound like I belong. I've been doing better than anticipated. All that musical osmosis is finally paying off.

Some of the bands and artists I've contacted or who have contacted me from my ads have been folky, prog, emo, something sort of a alt-countryish sound, and some that I don't know what they do, only that it's similar in nature to the way I used to get people to come by and play, and I would do all the editing and make works of art out of anything.

There was one dude who sent me an mp3 of his guitar and uke parts with vocals, and I put drums and bass down, with some small percussion. This was the most unique sort of audition I have done. Actually, the music itself was really outside of my comfort zone, but such is my challenge to myself now, so it doesn't matter. I did get a nice basic drum set groove going, with a lazy but propulsive 16th note shuffle thing using brushes on the snare, and a bass line that bounced some, and walked the rest of the time. I only spent a while on it one evening, but it did help get my ear into coming up with new parts, and my hands a chance to touch those "other" notes on the bass.

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