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Ah, there was a time in my life (mainly from mid 1995 till about early 2003) when my work consisted of doing gigs as a drum/guitar/keyboard tech, soundman or assistant, and some other assorted concert production jobs. For a year and a half or so I have been mostly out of that biz (and since 9/11, things have been slow anyway compared to the heyday in 1999 or so), but for extremely few gigs that aren't really big but have been paying well. I never really ate too well while doing that line of work. The schedules involved are not really even schedules. It's all madness, and usually it's fast food on the menu, and it's hard to ever get things to eat on any predictable basis. This sort of life is okay in your 20s.

But I am not in my 20s anymore. Usually I hated many aspects of the work I did, but primarily the pay sucked. When I got to going out with Kelli, I lost a lot of interest in doing that work (even as reduced as it was in early 2002) if it meant changing plans or getting last minute calls. I had done only that work for so long people knew I would take a half day notice to do a gig, or would take a gig out of town in Phoenix or Palm Springs that immediately lead to one in Downtown or whatever. I was a slut for that work. The nature of it demands that allegiance and flexibility. I never had any easy time getting any sort of a fixed schedule going for me while doing that work. I found it hard to ever work a day job or any sort of repeating task. Didn't go to school, didn't go to church, didn't do a lot of things. But I took almost every gig offered.

So now I have my day job, do my church time again after a long time away, have my lovely little wife with whom I like to spend time all the time, and even have some time to get counseling and even a dose of a social life (which primarily revolves around church-related folks or more often now, Kelli's friends). My life, once a mess of round-the-clock work and zipping around the county or even the entire region, has now settled to a reasonably consistent schedule. There are a few compromises, but in light of the things I now enjoy, they are worth the losses.

My favorite, and it was totally epitomized by what just happened tonight, is that Kelli is here now. Our dating era is over, she is just here. She makes things like home. And tonight, on a rare instance of doing a gig (drum kit rental only for Rockola—the band that got me into all this), Kelli was just so full of whatever it is that makes a guy love his wife. She and I showed the rooms tonight to some prospective tenants, then I had to leave to go get my drums back, which really was just about an hour long trip. But when I got back, she had this tasty chicken cordon bleu and some veggies all ready for me on a tray table in the living room. Literally, walk in, sit down and eat.

Or maybe it's just the calls while I am gone. We got cell phones this year. It was a good move. It's funny how the smallest stuff matters the most. Dinner, a call, a kiss, or just knowing that I don't have to lock up when I leave, and that the house is in good hands. Most of those years I was doing production were miserable years. I worked for shit pay too often, and really never liked my home life. All I did was go into my studio and make depressing music, or write letters to people who could give a shit about me. But not now. Now I have my sweet little wife who makes me want to come back and stop hanging out with flaky musicians and low paying gigs just to fill time and dull the grief.

She made a tasty hollandaise sauce for the first time out, also.

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