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Alright alright already, I am here. I'm back. I suppose you people want me to make a speech or something?

Well, jeeeeezeee. Am I supposed to know what to say at this point? What does one say after this last week I had? I finally married my angel-girl and friend of 14 years. I met her while I was still in high school—that's how long I can recall, but we have been tied to the same church since before we were born. And this last Saturday, she was there, dolled up like I'd never seen and saying she'd hang out with me for the rest of our lives! There is something wildly surreal in thinking like that.

The good news is that I never flinched. I never had cold feet. I guess that is a good thing. But then again, I felt like asking her to marry me over two years ago. I just ended up cooling off and sitting on it for that long. There is no need to get cold feet when you know you are about to do something so right and so true, such as this, with a person who has already become indispensible.

We wrote our own contributions to our ceremony. After the opening remarks, invitation, and so forth, there was a history of our involvement with each other, and with the church. Then when we were addressed individually, and given our charge with the task ahead, we prefaced that with some statements to each other, both written and submitted individually, so that the first we heard of the other's words were as they were being spoken in public. It was cool. These custom parts were taken really well, and some got some riotous laughter (the part about Kelli (14 at the time) not running away when I professed a love for the band Jethro Tull was a sidesplitter—it wasn't love at first site, but it was a good start)!

My mind is just drawing blanks as I try to write this. There is just so much zipping through my mind now.

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