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This is the fourth major version of the site, and the leanest. The first was the dabblings that took place between my friend (and now Best Man) Mike Thaxton. That was about the latter part of 2001 or so. Mike was the one who inspired me to get into all this stuff in the first place. The second version of the site was the one that I made while at AIC, and the one that lasted for about two years in the same form, with improvements made regularly. Then there was the black banner/olive drab version that was more an experiment in using frames, which I had not used to that point. I had never really come to finish that one, but it was done in a period when I was pretty busy with different things, and just didn't want to load up the site too much. And now this.

Usually I try a few new things out on each site that I do. This one is the most heavy use of CSS I have done. Dreamweaver MX2004 implements it far more readily and accessibly over DW4 which I used up until a few months ago when I got the new computer and OS, and other new software. I also decided to use an inline frame, finding it an easy way to make one page stay put with a single menu, while other pages come and go in the window. I've been doing this site in its various forms, but have also been messing with other things for my church, one client, and a friend who wants his photographic art up for sale. So, I've been prowling around looking for different designs and trying to emulate certain elements here and there so that I don't end up making the same site for everyone!

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