It was about this time back in 1996 when I started using the name "The Artist Presently Known As Ed." At first it was just the name of the recording project I had just finished in late July. Then, by later in the year, the name had rendered itself memorable enough that I just started using it as my artistic persona. It still gets a good response from people who see it on the CD or the business card. It also still confuses people who don't ever notice what TAPKAE stands for, or that "The Artist Presently Known As Ed" becomes "TAPKAE." I worked with a feller in the sound business for a few years before he put the two of them together. It was one of those "aha!"-slash-"DUH!" moments.

People wonder about TAPKAE. One guy thought it was Greek. I have some Greek in me, but no such luck. Some think it is Japanese. I have a Japanese automobile, but no such luck. Some think it is pronounced "tap-kEYE," some think it is "tap-KEY," and others think it is "tap-KAY," which phonetically is how I say it. Some people, too lazy to spell all six letters out, have resorted to "TAP," though you would never here me refer to myself as "The Artist Presently." One guy even just called me "presently." He was the one who had to constantly remind himself that it wasn't "currently" or even "formerly." I think "presently" is far more amusing than "formerly." "Formerly" sort of sounds like I would be too good for my name, when in fact, it suits me just fine. Who ever bothers to state the obvious? I am presently known as Ed.

There are also some concerns about the name wearing out its welcome. I have an answer for that too. The "P" now means "presently" but before I took this persona/name, I was previously known as Ed. Before I was born, I was prenatally known as Ed. After I die, I will be posthumously known as Ed.

I like to think that I will be perpetually known as Ed. If that is in fact the case, then this was a well-chosen name. I think it will age gracefully.

It could have meant "Tits, Ass, & Pussy Keeps Attracting Everyone." Maybe it means "Terrorist Arabs Plot Killing Another Enemy." I hope not. I sort of like the first one better. Let's not rule out the more likely case for our age: "Today's American President Kills Arab Enemies."

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