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A passage from James Bamford's book, A Pretext for War, a book about the complex series of events leading up to 9/11, and the gross "intelligence" faliures that made it that much easier to pull off. (I believe J. Timberlake would call it an "intelligence malfunction.")

After arriving in Los Angeles, Ahmihdar and Alhazmi settled in San Diego. They moved into apartment 127 of the Parkwood Apartments, a townhouse complex near a busy commercial strip on Mt. Ada Road in Clairemont. They bought season passes to Sea World, dined on fast food, frequented strip clubs, and took flight lessons at nearby Montgomery Field. All under their real names. They also opened a $3000 checking account at the Bank of America; obtained their driver's licences, Social Security cards, and credit cards; and bought a 1988 Toyota Corolla for $3000 and registered it—all with their real names. Alhazmi was even listed on page 13 of the 2000/2001 Pacific Bell White Pages: "Alhazmi Nawaf M 6401 Mt. Ada Road. 858-279-5919."

Funny. I used to live in that very same apartment complex, but clear at the other end of the block, at 6555 Mt. Ada, #208. I lived there a couple years before. It was ghetto, or on its way to being so. Now they have converted them to condos, and sell these same dumps for $200,000. I've stood in line at the same DMV, eaten the same fast food (I profess a love for the nearby taco joint, El Cotixan, and the In-N-Out Burger offshoot, EZ Take Out, though it is more likely they went to Burger King, located exactly between their apartment and mine, within spitting distance of both). Their Bank of America is right next to my bank—so close in fact that my car would be towed if I parked there and walked into my bank. I never bought a season pass to Sea World, but in those two summers, I was working as an employee of a subcontractor to SW. I never really frequented the strip clubs though. Just once in July 1994. Didn't like it much. Too expensive for my cheap ass, and I didn't get to touch. You gotta love these so called Islamic Fundamentalists. Especially the ones that go to strip clubs.

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