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I finally got my new computer back from the shop after a week and a half. New CD writer and DVD writer installed, and now we finally have the right wireless card in there. Now all I have to do (and have been doing tonight) is get everything configured to my tastes. Ah deja vu. I just did a lot of that on the old machine, and will probably have to do it again so that Kelli has things set up for her. Wow. Both hooked up to the net with not so much as a preference panel to deal with. That is just one reason to like Macs. Oh, my double disk set up burns a whole CD in about two minutes. That is wicked cool. Too bad copying CDs sort of went the way of the dodo for stealing music. Oh well, I have a use for the double disk set up. OSX is on both machines, and they are oh soooo cute together.

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