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I was just watching Dateline or something like that. The show was about the US policy of specifying the details of how long Cuban Americans could visit their homeland, and also the restrictions on exactly who they would be allowed to see while there (parents, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, no more), and all this was topped with the regulation that only one of these trips could be made every THREE years.

The talking head/idiot politician who was defending this was saying that letting Americans go over there is a form of propping up a corrupt regime (because they would spend money that ends up in the hands of corrupt politicians. Sounds like the tax Americans pay to their government...), and is unfair to the people who have to live under that regime. We are doing the natives a favor, apparently, and they should thank us. It's good to know that our government thinks oppressive dictatorships are bad, and that they know people suffer under them.


It worked in Iraq, right? Just think how people are free and safe in Iraq now. Bombing does a lot of good in places like these. It thins out the population in such a way that all fears are allayed and good will is established among the liberators and the liberated. It also gives the people a good chance to build their cities and home anew to modern specs and zoning laws. Dictatorships are bad and must be stopped because they make life hard for peace loving citizens. Good cause for bombing. People everywhere need freedom and peace. But you gotta bomb them first. People need to be in charge of their own affairs. But you gotta bomb them first and set up a government made up of American businessment and idealogues. People suffer from economic sanctions and that is unfair. Bombing will help because then the government won't be there to play the game that got sanctions imposed on them in the first place. But you gotta bomb them first. Truth, justice, and the American Way are sure to brighten the days of the hitherto oppressed. But... aw, nevermind.

So why don't we bomb Cuba? They aint gotz no oil. That's why. There are too many other wars we will have to fight. No sense in squandering men, machines, and money on a place that won't give us more of what we need to rule the world and keep our SUVs going. No sir, we have the central part of Asia to conquer. We used to worry about Cuba because they might let the Soviets waltz on into to our back yard. Now, all we have to do is play little games with them. We have bigger fish to fry now. The Soviet threat is dead, replaced by the uncertainty of who can secure the dying oil reserves in the world, predominately in the central Asian area. The US doesn't really stand opposed to injustice and human cruelty unless there is something in it for us. We didn't give a rat's ass about the freedom and sovereignty of the Kuwaitis in 1900, we just had to stop the neighborhood bully from jockeying for a massive 40% of the world's oil reserves. Even the world community knew that would be a bad thing. No surprise we got the help that time. Maybe we would help Cuba out a little, but you can't run autos on cigars (lit cigars in particular). Well, Castro is just a minor nuisance not worth our time.

But seriously. The US is now in the business of telling its citizens where to go, and when, and who to see? Did I miss something somewhere? I understand the part about telling people they can't come here, but not the part about telling them they can't leave here.

I don't know, is this the America we read about in the history books?

On a related note, I am so glad Bush and his cronies are committed to democracy in Iraq. Would it be too much to ask that he cuts us a sliver? And another one: isn't it a little odd that he is all for free and democratic elections there but stole one here?

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