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Here is a letter I wrote to our representatives regarding the need for immediate work (not waiting until after a summer vacation) to be done based on the proposed ideas from the 9/11 commission.

Let me frame my request this way: If, at some point in my days working for a fast food company I were to be caught standing around or taking the day off when I was supposed to be there, I would certainly invite disciplinary action all the way up to being asked to leave because I would not be fulfilling my job. The boss needs to make his money and conduct his business, and I can't get in his way without some consequences.

But that job is meaningless. My careless approach to working there will only cause me to suffer.

But your job of doing everything within your power to ensure our national safety is of importance to ALL Americans, EVERY day, ALL the time. I like a vacation as much as the next guy, and I'm sure you do too, but we need you to work for US now. The lapses in security and intelligence have already been terrible. Not all our challenges are going to be as slow moving as the Cold War was. Now more than ever we need to know all of our representatives are putting US first.

My real feeling is that we need to radically adjust our foreign policy so that we can avoid making enemies in the first place. I believe we need to use our brains more than our brawn. This administration has been an utter failure, and has erased whole decades of progress we have made in the international community. It comes as no surprise then, that since we are such a failure in diplomacy, the only way people wish to relate to us is through the terrible acts of terrorism. I am not pro terrorist, but somehow, we have sufficiently angered a chunk of the world's population into doing things not many others have had the conviction to do. I think we need to address, fully and honestly, why we make enemies. It is not simply because we love freedom and they don't. No, that is just a copout. We are intervening in the Middle East for oil. We are not there for the sand and the sun. We certainly aren't there for the good friends and camraderie we have in the region. The emperor has no clothes, and I won't believe any American is doing right by believing otherwise.

The greater cause though, is how we as a nation choose to live—at the expense of the rest of the world. And, it comes as no surpirse that we are rubbing people the wrong way. This is what I feel we need to address. Surely war and terrorism are worse than investing in our own energy future, our own people, our own manufacturing and agriculture. At least I hope it's that way.

These bigger issues need to be addressed, one way or another. I hope they will be addressed sooner than later. But if you are only prepared to provide a band-aid to cover a chest injury, then so be it, but even that requires all the time and attention you can possibly give to it immediately.

Since you representatives are really the employees of Americans, please do what WE need you to do, and not what YOU feel needs to be done. Especially at this critical time.

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