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Today Kelli and I went to Borders books to read some soon-to-be-banned literature which disparages our "president" and his buddies, and the whole wretched crony club which surrounds them. I took my first look at some Michael Moore books, and dove into some others like The Bush Hater's Handbook and other fine quality titles like that. I thought it was such a shame to find all these books confined solely to the political science section, so I took it upon myself to liberate them and let them roam the store, if only till closing time.

So I made several trips back to the poli sci section and made rounds to other parts of the store where those who would otherwise not encounter or seek a dissenter's opinion or facts. The first place I dropped Stupid White Men was at displays of books by and about Donald Trump, Dick Cheney, and others. SWM also got a good seat right in front of some books by those apocalyptic clowns who wrote the Left Behind series. Then there were many other relocations going on. There was a rather prominent display that urged people to rediscover American history. There were books on the great men who founded the country, the Revolutionary war, and other key characters and events. There was nothing there about the 9/11 lies, the Enron stuff, or the Bush dynasty/disaster. So I took it upon myself to remedy that with a few titles that sort of filled out the display more to my liking. The book about Reagan was sort of concealed by a copy of Stupid White Men set just so you could see Reagan's face with the Moore book sideways, so as to call attention to itself. Then there was this great book about Bush and fraud, with the title Fraud! in bold letters slashing across the front. That looked good next to the Washington book. It gave balance to our colorful history.

I had a lot of fun. I wonder if there were any Borders employees that caught on to the gag. You know, in Michael Moore's movie The Big One, there were Borders employees that were trying to unionize that were denied the job of manning the book signing when Moore came to their stores. This was in 1996, and I don't know if they are unionized here or not, but let's say they are actually cut from that same fabric. I wonder if any of them picked up what was going on, and did any of them put them away without at least a little wry smile that someone was on their side? Were there three or four employees talking after hours that found Michael Moore books and other dissenting voices were scattered all about the store?

Next time I'll try to bring my camera. It's times like these when I should have gotten the damn camera phone!

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