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All I can say is "!!!" This is a movie that, if nothing else, will cause some emotion to come surging out of you, and if you let it, you can laugh, cry, and be angered all within any few minutes of it. I believe this movie should be compulsory viewing for every man, woman, and child in the US. This movie is just toooooo important, no matter who you are or what you believe.

Michael Moore doesn't fool us into believing he is trying to be objective. No such thing. But that isn't his job. However, he did offer some clips of our so-called "fair and balanced" media celebs who went for the war—hook, line, and sinker. There were several clips where the media were just parroting the warmongers and the flag wavers. Journalism is supposed to be objective. These clips were not that at all.

dead heroes at the airport, surrounded by pallbearer troops.So is this just shock value? If the media were fair and balanced, there might be some precedent for the dissent that certain soldiers felt as they watched their war turn into confusion and disillusion. I can't think of any soldiers on TV who spoke out against the war. I'm not sure that too much of that footage made it to the TVs of the American public. I also didn't see footage of the Iraqi woman begging and pleading through her tears for God to deliver her from all this bombing and terror (more real and ongoing than anything we Americans know now). No, I'm afraid that got left out of the 6:00 news. Moore got some important clips from sympathetic souls in the media production world (cameramen, archivists, live feeds, etc.) who slipped him the stuff that doesn't air. He doesn't even need to fabricate things. You can watch the president shoot his mouth off like an idiot, make crass and insensitive statments, goof off before the address to the nation on the start of the Iraq war, or even say that a dictatorship would be easier. No, I don't think that made the news. If these things were conveyed in print or some other form other than video, I could see how discounting it would be possible, but no, here it is, straight from his own mouth for all to see. If nothing else, Bush shows a serious disregard for the position he occupies. He seems cavalier, reckless, self-centered, insincere, foolish, and worse. These videos alone could make Moore's case.

There were moments that would make anyone cry. Any person with a pulse, that is. There is war footage, footage of soldiers with multiple amputations (still rather fresh) at army hospitals, and footage of actual war injuries sustained by civilian Iraqis. It will turn your gut, make no mistake. But the parts that made me sob openly were about the woman who once was the most patriotic of mothers transforming into the most broken up of mothers. She was once proud of her contribution to the nation in the form of her son and daughter (daughter in the first Gulf war, son killed in this one). The last letter her son wrote to her was one of disgust and open criticism of the Bush administration. He wanted out. He got out on a flight passing through Dover in the middle of the night. Watching his mother's reaction was just heart rending. A description alone is not adequate. Even more shocking was a pro-war/Bush person's callous dismissal of her protests in front of the White House. I came more unseated watching this video than when I watched either the unedited Nick Berg or Daniel Pearl videos.

This, as far as I am concerned, is the most important movie this year, or so far, this millenium. If I were a history teacher, I would show this. Even 10-20 years ago when i was in school, I never got a history lesson like this movie. I've heard it said that the surefire way to be seen as a troublemaker in modern America is to go around talking in the same language as our founding fathers.

Go and be shocked. Really, just go and allow it to awaken you to something. Anything. I think going to see this is a true sign of patriotism, or even a key part of being the informed citizens we need to be. I don't know if Michael Moore is an American prophet or not, but anything that makes us think, and possibly change for the better, can't be a bad thing.

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