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Today Kelli was gone to Florida, starting a four day weekend and I got some absolutely unbroken time to myself for the first time in I don't know how long. No school work, no church work, no house remodeling, no naps, no counseling, no appointments or whatever. Just time to take the big room and reshuffle some furniture so that my computer desk is in the prime space for the very short ProTools related cables to pass through a small hole to the next room. If it was a quiet computer, I would just put it in the studio, but it aint so I dint! Anyhow, I got the studio wired up once again for ProTools, with nearly full operability of the computer from the little room, even as it sits in the next room over. So now I am set once again for recording a whole band at once (13 tracks as I set it up tonight, but even with Loaf here to record as a seven-piece band, I only used 12 at once). This is on the new computer now, and it has better specs overall, but I hope that it can hang with the recording task at hand. Anyhow, it is there to work for me again, after being set up and taken down a few times in the last year.

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