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I have one big essay due for school in two weeks. The week after that we have a final in the English class, then I am FREE! The art class ends two days earlier, and the final, such as it is, is some sort of a collage/assemblage based on a certain artist's style the instructor wants us to target.

I am crossing my fingers that not having to do school makes even a little bit of time during the summer, but when I think of the fact that Kelli and I are going to be talking wedding plans, and I still have work and counseling and church related stuff, it doesn't look much easier than it is now. I hope I get to get into the studio to do at least a little something.

There has been some interest in my web work, from the office Kelli works at, and the one I work at (which actually runs her office), and from my church. I am hoping to do some of that sort of work again, but better, and better prepared.

Well, excuse me. I must go read endless material on capitalism and globalization.

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