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Oh, it is hard to get enough practice. And now I have two computers to work on. I will try not to royally screw things up. God bless this 120GB Firewire drive that sits here. I should have two more of them.

Actually, I did okay this time. This work was being done on the older G4. I was trying to get it ready to turn over to Kelli, while not really having my new one here to copy stuff to. Last night I did the first full blown surface scan and restore. Usually I just defrag it all and run some utilities to keep things in order. This time, everything got wiped and replaced. Or something.

It's a little harder because OS 10 is involved, and so is OS 9. This morning when I went to copy everything back, that much went fine, but when I wanted to restart, all of a sudden, the startup disk options said there was an OS 10 disk where I expected an OS 9 disk to be. So I went with it, and it came up with the usually dreadful “broken file folder” icon. I have met this thing before, but this time, I just put in this OS X software install and restore disk that came with the NEW computer. I booted up from that, and found I could do a full install of OS X for...NOTHING. Hey, I can afford that! I was looking at a minimum of $75 for a student discount on the new OS. So I let it do its thing and I went off to work. When I came back, I was delighted to find that it had in fact installed both systems, so now I have TWO dual booting machines. Actually, I don’t really know of a real use for OS 9 anymore since OS X can do that job better than 9 ever could. All the apps in 9 open up in 10, so I am set. But for the time being, my 9 system is fully configured, so I will continue to use it till I get into 10 and get that all up and running.

I just want to pat myself on the back for not royally screwing up. I had a paper due today and I was sweating bullets that I wouldn’t be able to print it. But I did. Amen.

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