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I took the Mac into my local authorized Apple service center, a place where the older machine went to to get some warrantee repairs done. The people are great.

Well, I might be dumb, or maybe I can get lucky, but I went in and told them most of what went on yesterday. I left there with the great uncertainty of not knowing if it really was a chance thing or if I really had messed the thing up. So I spent my work day bracing to hear that it was gonna be an extra charge to replace the thing, both material and labor. Calling Apple myself didn't lead me to believe it would be pretty. So I went back to the store and talked to the guy that totally saved my bacon on the last defective CD drive I got. He is the dude to talk to there. Anyhow, I begged and pleaded for mercy and understanding.

No really, If there was a sticker that actually warned me about blowing the warrantee, do you think I would have messed with the thing? So I reasoned with him, explained that the CD burner went off the system radar as soon as I got the new hard drive in, and nothing I did made it better. Then it burned up. Oh, and the hard drive? That's a user-serviceable thing, right? Like, you don't need to ship it in to get it installed.

So goes my reasoning. All my computer tech buddies told me that it is hell to have to deal with hard drive volume numbers/setup/troubleshooting. I feel better that I wasn't so stupid to not know what I was doing. I mean, there is a 40 pin connector, and there is a power supply connector. Those and some little jumpers are really all there should be to that job. And none of it should make a CD burner fry.

So at least, at the moment, I am optimistic, because Sean, my rep said that it sounded like a warrantee job. I was already going to get the extra RAM and the wireless card and a DVD-R drive, so what the hell, let's just throw in another hard drive and a CD recorder while its in the shop. Fingers crossing.

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